Unity (30x80cm)

The Well (60x80cm)

 Open doors (100x120cm)

Elements of growth (90x120cm)


Seasons of life (91x122cm)

Love-virus (60x80cm)

Research of life (90x120cm)

The calling(100x150cm)

The fields of Bethlehem (60x90cm)

Seasons of life (91x122cm)

Underwater source (20x40cm)

Information society (60x80cm)

 Tunes in heaven (51x76cm)

Fruitful (60x120cm)

Government & business (90x120cm)

Harvest (50x1200cm)

Parents (50x120cm)

Motion of light (90x120cm)

Sorrow (50x60cm)

The city (60x90cm)

A chosen people (90x120cm)

The Sprout From SA (400  x 600 mm)

The 7 Mountains Education 

The Light Of the World (300 x 400 mm)

Children’s Joy (800 x 1200 mm) 

Can You Forgive Me (300 x 600mm)

Expression of Compasion (455 x 610 mm)